Kaveh & Carla

I’ve procrastinated in writing this review – because I didn’t want to do any less than what is deserved. You have to stay with Marcus and Stoney! It’s more than accomodation. It’s a wonderful and gentle experience. The place was magical. Its position, meters away from some of the most stunning and beautiful reefs, was perfect. The bungalows was cosy, clean and super comfortable. The location was ideal – away from the intrusion of cars and crowds. But above all, Marcus and Stoney are the most gracious, genuine and helpful people who will ever host you! And this is coming from someone who has been using Airbnb exclusively for the past 5 years.

So before I get into going how great these guys were and how wonderful our stay was, I want to address some of some of the practical and logistical questions things you (other visitors) might have. 1. This place is definitely on the most beautiful part of the island. The east side of the island is where the land immediately meets the water via beautiful sandy reefs and deep blue lagoons. Marcus and Stoneys bungalow is located on a beautiful tropical state, meters away from crystal clear reefs perfect for swimming and snorkelling. 2. Yes it’s 40minute drive from Port Vila but that’s exactly where you want to be – most of the attractions and activities are spread around the island so being a little further out from Port Villa is not only ok, it’s ideal. 3. Yes you will need definitely need to hire a car on the trip regardless of your location, so it’s best to stay on the east side where the landscape is much more beautiful. 4. The west side of the island is hilly and elevated. I wouldn’t stay on the other-side. Marcus and Stoneys place is by far on the most beautiful part. We did spend a day driving around and stopped to check out various parts of the island. 5. You’ll only need to stop at the shops once a day to stock up on whatever you might want (ie snacks or specific essentials) – but Marcus and Stoney have you covered for whatever meal of the day – just give them notice.

With all the practical questions out of the way, I have to tell you that hanging out with Marcus and Stoney by the fire or at breakfast etc. was a big part of this amazing experience. They are two of the most inspiring and authentic people you’ll ever meet. Me and my fiancé came back home from our trip, with new fire in the belly for the future. Observing these two wonderful humans reminds you of how two individuals absolutely dedicated to one-another through love, respect, humility and trust can stretch their reality far beyond the ordinary norms of ‘life’… how they can imagine and dream as one, then realise them by working together as a powerful team. Your stay here, will be unforgettable, I promise.