What to Bring

What should I bring for my stay in Vanuatu?

I get asked this question a lot, and it is a more relevant question than you might think. So, what should I bring for my stay in Vanuatu?

When we first started coming to Vanuatu, Shoran and I constantly made the same mistake of packing ten times more then we needed.


Travel light! …. leave some room to buy some treasures to take home. Seriously, you do not need much to enjoy your stay on this beautiful tropical island.  A carry on did both Shoran & I before we moved here permanantly!

Let’s break this down.

  1. When you stay at Papaya Villa you spend most of your time relaxing, beachcombing, swimming & snorkeling or taking a tour.
  2. Most stays are between 3-10 days so consider how long you will be staying.
  3. You are here to relax and unwind and maybe detox from your technology.


Efate is a tropical island and it can get humid. Loose clothes are the go here. Here are my tips

  • Swimwear –  A couple of sets of bathers or board shorts. One to get wet while one dries!
  • Loose long sleeved top for evenings under the stars
  • Sarongs – You may want to purchase some at the markets as you will be in them every day, guaranteed.
  • Hats – you will need a good hat as you will be beachcombing and exploring our beaches and coves.  I have one that I can wear into the water.
  • Footwear – the only shoes we wear here at the villa are reef shoes when exploring the reef! No need for any formal shoes. A pair of flats or sneakers will be perfect if you want to go for a morning stroll


We provide towels and really cute soaps for you, so no need to bring these unless you have a favorite that you like. Bring your tooth brush and toothpaste. Everything else is optional.


Definitely bring some sunscreen with you. If you are prone to insect bites then also a small tube of a good bug repellent would be appropriate. If it is still here (no breeze), then bugs will come out at dusk. (interferring with that vital pre-dinner drink!)


We have a laundry here at the villa and Aniese our house keeper will do a wash load for you. There is a small charge (500 vatu per load) so you can refresh your wardrobe or smalls if you need to.


There is a video library and player in your bungalow if you feel the need to zone out with a movie. There are also a bunch of board games to while away a few hours with each other. I recommend bringing a book or maybe two… and just chill out and detox from your technology and busy life.


We do have free wifi available for our guests in case you want to check your portfolio or connect with family over facebook.  Phone coverage is not brilliant here and I would like to say it is great, but it isn’t. You can get reception via Digicel as the local carrier, so roaming is fine or you can get a temporary SIM from Digicel at the airport when you arrive. Remember, we are a tiny island in the South Pacific so you should temper your expectations where technology is concerned.

Travel light!