Afternoon Tapas

And there goes the afternoon...

We decided to give dinner a miss and spend the afternoon making and eating tapas in the Loco Kitchen. A glass or two of wine and there it is!

Crispy fried squid tentacles, home made chorizo bread, pork feijoada, tender eye fillet pinchos, patatas brava, and prawn and chorizo paella…

Guests are able to order dinner, just let me know in the morning and the menu really depends on what is available and fresh.

We do operate the Papaya Loco Cooking School from here so the food is always fresh and interesting.
Just another option for dinner for our wonderful guests….

Fried squid tentacles and flakey salttoes
Home made chorizo bread
Feijoada Tapa
Tender Pork Feijoada
Pinchos Tapas
Eye filet pinchos
Prawn Paelle