Taco Time

Taco Time

It’s summer, its warm and it hot, hot , hot… so what better dish to make then a fresh taco.

Check these babies out… lobster and lime (of course) plus locally made chorizo with a pineapple and red onion salsa. The pineapples here are to die for.

The year before last we were in Hawaii and tired the pineapples at the famous Doles Pineapple Farm, and I have to say that these local pineapples are so sweet and delicious, you just have to keep eating them. Season is almost finished here,,, so I am adding them to everything…  That little one in the picture is from our garden!

A late afternoon in the nakamal with a few icy beers is heaven for our guests. These tacos find their way into the meals package for our guests who come to stay… good fun and just plain delicious

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