Your Stay at Papaya Villa

Your Stay at Papaya Villa

The word many of our guests have used over the years to describe their stay at Papaya Villa is ‘Magical’

So what makes Papaya Villa so magical?

Let me describe a typical day for me.

Have you ever sat under the stars at night and stared up into the universe? I love sitting on the deck at night with all the lights switched off and look up to the heavens and all I can see is a trillion stars!

Because we are right on the ocean, I can listen to the ocean rolling in over the reef. The sound of the waves, and nothing else, is so good for the soul.  This above everything else sends me into a deep sleep each night.

There is something about Papaya Villa that aligns me to the earth. I get up when the sun comes up and go to sleep not much after it goes down of an evening. With 8-10 hours of deep sleep each night I am refreshed and recharged for the next day of my life!

A stroll down to the beach at sunrise with that first coffee is magical and I can’t think of a better way to start the day. Deep breaths of fresh Pacific Ocean air … magical!

Yes we do have internet connection here, but I choose to detox from technology whenever I can. I like to slow my life down when I can and take a holiday from the beeps and bites and just reconnect with Shoran and myself. It is extremely liberating and recharging. Like those days before the internet when we actually engaged in conversation and were present with the people around us, without the distraction of incoming emails and Facebook notifications.  Personal re-connection means so much to us a human beings.

Take a cooking class, read a book, comb the beaches, go snorkeling or just gaze out across the ocean waves. Maybe a glass of wine and some cool tunes to fill the afternoon. Who says you can’t take an early afternoon nap? I would actually encourage that!

Some days I just like to watch a movie with a glass of wine and fall asleep. Nirvana!

Yes we are in the tropics and yes we have our share of beautiful rainy days. I love to sit under the nakamal with with the sand between my toes and the ocean in front of me.  Shoran and I have a lovely glass of champagne or rose, maybe crank up Netflix and watch a movie or facetime the kids or friends. The rain comes down on the nakamal delivering that unmistakeble cooling when you live in the tropics. The truth be known, I like to walk down to the beach with the rain on my face. This is magical!

Learning the art of doing nothing can be a challenge if you have fallen into the ‘civilised world’ routine where you are constantly connected and feel guilty when you make some time for yourself… but really… don’t we all deserve and actually need some ‘me time’ or quality time with our partners?

I have a mantra here at Papaya Villa … No News , No Shoes

When we decided to move here permanently we were packing our wardrobe and of course truly believed that we needed those cocktail dresses and suits, and naturally we absolutely had to have some ‘power’ business attire.  In reality all you need here are some board shorts and t-shirts and a few sarongs… shoes? why? So I always tell our guests to travel extra light. If you are staying a week and need your some laundry done, then the house gal will cheerfully attend to that for you… and voila! your wardrobe has been refreshed… besides you should be too busy chilling out and reclaiming your sanity!

Well this about sums up being at Papaya Villa. The best thing is that I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow …