Exploring the Reef

We have the most amazing pristine reef right in front of the villa. Slap on some sunscreen and set aside a few hours to explore. There is literally kilometers of natural reef right at your door step. On the low tide this amazing ecosystem is uncovered for you to explore.

Expect to see natural corals, colorful reef fish and clams. Take a snorkel to explore some of the natural pools as well.

Remember to bring some reef shoes, or you can pick some up in town very cheaply.

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Shop the Markets

The Port Vila Food Markets are an adventure. They operate 24/6. This is the place to discover the best produce that Efate has to offer. Each village takes a position and proudly offers what they particularly grow.

Ask Marcus or Shoran for the best tips when shopping here. You get a real experience of local food shopping… and yes we purchase almost all of our fresh fruit and veg here… except for what we grow at the villa of course.

The flowers are incredible, and so cheap!

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