Why move to an island?

Papaya Villa Beachfront Bed & Breakfast

This is the question that we get asked the most. “Why did you move to a tropical island?” And it is a pretty good question; the answer might surprise you. Most people go straight for things like freedom, an easier life, a simpler life, no more working for needy clients, being fed up struggling to keep ahead of the ever changing tax regime or just being tired of being a slave to accumulating enough superannuation to pay the bills when I am too old to work. (more likely too old to be considered for employment!)

The Romance

Firstly the number one reason for us was the romance of living on a tropical island. And yes it definitely delivers … in buckets. We live right on the ocean on the Eastern side of the island so we get the most incredible sunrises across the ocean. There is nothing like getting up early and watching the big golden orb rise out of the ocean.

We arrive at our place through a little copra plantation which is right on the ocean. Check out the pic below. How beautiful is that!

the plantation

There is something special about living on the ocean and in particular having your own little beaches to swim in and beachcomb. Whilst we lived most of our lives along the Australian coastline, you would invariably have to share the beaches with hundreds of people. Here it is just us! And it is truly pristine… it is exactly as mother nature provides it.

table of knowledge

With no street lights or other houses next door we get these incredible displays of the Milky Way. Trillions of stars that we sit out on the deck and watch, wondering if they still exist or have burned out millions of years ago and we are only just seeing their light now! It’s those little things that bring romance to your evenings, no television stealing our headspace with crap, but rather mother nature showing us the universe that we are living in.

The Milky Way

It’s those simple things like heading up to our local village to buy some bread from a wood fired oven. If the sign is out on the road, then Rebecca was baking that day. Not down to the latest trendy bakery to get a loaf of sour dough made from left handed rye grown on the Eastern downs of ‘too cool for you’ farm. It is the honesty of what is being made, by hand with no big machinery or the latest ‘steam oven’. It is fire and an old oil drum embedded in concrete and the bread was mixed in an plastic bucket that has seen thousands of batches of flour and water mixed in it.

Village Bread

Yes there are supermarkets here where you can buy most anything you need. The fun is in finding so many different products that you would never see in the local supermarket elsewhere. The challenge is that when you seen something on the shelves you need… buy it all now… it may not be there next week! Fresh fruit and vegetables is an adventure. The markets here run 24/6. Each village has a stand and they roster people from the village (Village People?) to man them. As you would expect, each village seems to specialise in some kind of produce, so you get to know the bananas, herbs, pineapple, papaya etc that you like and that’s where you buy them. Everything is naturally organic as they can’t afford pesticides and manufactured fertilizers. Everything is fresh and hasn’t been stored or gassed… so a banana tastes like a banana (there are five different types of bananas here). Pineapples would undoubtedly be the best on the planet! You can actually taste the sunshine in them.

Port Vila Markets

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