Digital Detox Retreat

Digital Digital Detox Retreat

You know why you clicked onto this link … so let’s push on with your first step towards a digital detox.

Unplugged Wellness

Unplug from technology and swap the beep of your smart phone for the sound of the ocean breaking over the reef on a digital detox that will leave you with a restored sense of wellness. Spending the majority of your day scrolling down your smart phone or responding to emails, checking social media, it is difficult to fully switch off and relax.  Our over-exposure to technology, however necessary,  can leave us feeling disconnected to the present, stressed and overwhelmed; affecting sleep, focus and even our relationships.

Give yourself the gift of a digital detox wellness break that will allow you to reconnect with your inner happiness, be present in the moment, reconnect with your partner, and enjoy the pristine surroundings of our location, and find happiness in life’s simple pleasures. Clear your mind with meditation on your own private beach, read that book (or two)  and indulge your senses with stunning coastline and palm trees. Take a cooking class and enjoy a glass of wine or an afternoon reef walk …

Be in the moment, rather than seeing it through an electronic screen, and return home rejuvenated and renewed.


Join Marcus in the nakamal or at one of our ‘tables’ along the beachfront to learn strategies to manage your use of technology, and improve your wellness. Marcus will run daily sessions to assist you with:

  • Understanding the benefits of Digital Detoxing
  • Strategies for detoxing
  • How to build support in managing over use of technology
  • Making technology work for you
  • Reclaiming your friends
  • Healthy habits

A Digital Detox program can help reduce anxiety, stress, tech dependency, fatigue, and information overload.


Interestingly Marcus started what was one of Australia’s leading internet companies back in the 90’s and subsequently added web design and strategy to the business portfolio. As a consultant it was not uncommon to drain 3 or 4 batteries on the mobile phone every day. In fact I could hear the calls backing up as I was on a call. Add to this between 400 – 700 ‘real’ emails daily and you have his previous life … or lack of one!

“I still work in the area of technology, but on my terms. One of my goals is to share how I got off the technology treadmill, and reclaimed my life…. and it started with a digital detox.” says Marcus


We only take two people at any time… so that you get the most from your time with us.

The program is simple and life changing:

  • 5 days of detoxing at an amazing location that is private and secluded where you can unplug from technology
  • Short sessions daily to help with understanding digital detoxing and building strategies to get your  technology addiction in check
  • Scheduled time for reflection and getting clarity around what is actually important
  • Scheduled time for reconnection with your partner – activities, cooking, swimming, beach combing, sitting around the fire pit. ( a glass or two of wine sounds like a good idea!)


We understand the reality of work and business, and have satellite here with wi-fi if you have to make ‘that call’ or close ‘that deal’.

Just remember why you are here!


The Digital Detox Package is ‘all inclusive!

  • Airport transfers
  • 5 nights private accommodation at Papaya Villa
  • All meals – breakfast , light lunch, and two course dinner (Caribbean Cuisine)
  • Daily sessions on ‘Unplugged Wellness’
  • AUD $1,195 per couple


Retreats are running every month. You must book this direct with Marcus
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