The Beach Hut

Our Special Beach Hut

Well peeps we are right on the ocean so why not create a fab space to sit and ponder the world? We wanted some shade and also the ability to have somewhere to catch up with friends and take in the cool ocean breezes. So the Beach Hut was built!

Beach Hut Dining

The Beach Hut is perfect for an early dinner watching the waves roll over the reef. Or if you really must eat in the middle of the day… why not a light lunch followed by a swim. Check with Shoran if you would like a picnic basket for a day at the beach.

Lunch at the Beach Hut
Beach Hut Coffee Break

Beach Hut Coffee Break

Most of our guests take breakfast at the Beach Hut overlooking the ocean. What a way to start the day. Me… I like to take my early coffee here and ponder the coming day.

The Beach Hut - Papaya Villa

The Getaway Show

Our Getaway Visitors

Look who dropped by!

Yep Catriona and the crew from the Getaway Show. We did a shoot in Port Villa in the morning shopping the Food Markets in town and then out to the villa to shoot a cooking class. Yes our Papaya Loco Cooking School has had numerous food writers cover us and now Catriona and Getaway. They loved the villa so much they also shot around Papaya Villa. Was such a great fun day…  and she is as lovely as you would expect!

Catriona Roundtree
Getaway filming